1408 – Review

You know how when you go to see a scary movie, there’s always some jerk who jumps at every little thing — to the point where it’s distracting? Well, that jerk is me.

I don’t do well with scary movies, so why did I go see 1408? I enjoy the hell out of Stephen King’s short stories and Character Studies (For those who have no idea what a Character Study is, it’s basically a look into the deep, dark past of a character and how he/she deals with it in the story).

1408 is not like today’s torture porn that makes up the bulk of the horror genre. It’s even tough to call it horror. There are plenty of parts that made me jump (farking Carpenters), but John Cusack does not get his rectum removed with a rusty spoon or anything like that. Those of you who like scary movies probably won’t find much to be scared about. For me, I’m pretty sure the couple behind me were taking bets on whether or not I had shat myself.

If you’re a John Cusack fan, go see this movie. It’s his best performance ever. If John Cusack make you wish you had said rusty spoon to remove your eyes, then avoid this one since he’s the only person on screen for about 90% of the movie. Sure Samuel L Jackson is listed in the credits, but he’s got a very small part.

Overall, it’s a good movie. I enjoyed the Character Study and the ending left me satisfied. It’s not perfect, but what is? And as a bonus, I nearly shat myself.

Grade: B+

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