Resident Evil: Extinction – Review

On the whole, I hate horror flicks. But, there are two series that I’ve gotten into: Resident Evil and the far superior 28 Days/Weeks Later. Both have zombies, so maybe there’s a connection. I mean, who don’t love ’em some zombies?

Anyway, I caught the first Resident Evil because I have this unwritten law to watch every movie based on a video game. “But John,” you say, “those are crap. Always.” I know, I can’t explain it, but I have this deep hope that one day I’ll live to see a decent convergence of the medium. And you know what? The first Resident Evil came close. It wasn’t great, but it was a decent zombie flick with an interesting, engaging story mashed between brain maulings. Trust me, go rent it.

But then came the sequels. Number two was one brain stem short of horrid and this latest one makes you wish you could feed your frontal lobe to the zombies through the screen.

I read Ain’t it Cool News every day and the guys on there have this public hatred of Paul W.S. Anderson. Other than the Resident Evil movies, he’s also done masterpieces like Mortal Kombat and Aliens vs. Predator. So the hatred is warranted. Instead of directing RE:Extinction, he wrote it. I find this laughable since I could not find any evidence of writing as I watched it. Sure there’s dialog, but it’s completely meaningless. Everyone could done their best impression of the Peanuts teacher and nothing would have changed. Wa-wah wah. Zombies. Wah wa-wah wah. Zombies. Wa-wah. Super-Zombies.

It’s all horrible and worse yet, they set themselves up for a fourth. And since I continue to watch this drivel, you can bet the review for that one will appear here next year.

Grade: D

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