For Your Consideration – Review

The 2007 Academy Awards airs tonight, so it’s kind of fitting Netflix shipped For Your Consideration this weekend. In the genre he perfected, Christopher Guest mocks the movies and all aspects of its culture.

You may not think you know who Christopher Guest is, but he’s the same guy who did Best in Show, A Mighty Wind, and This is Spinal Tap, the best of his mockumentaries. If you’ve seen any of those, you pretty much know what to expect with For Your Consideration. If you’ve never seen any of them, go get to renting so you can catch up with the rest of us.

Like all his movies, the same cast is in this one (plus Ricky Gervais this time). It’s almost funny just to see what kind of character they pop up as. Guest appears as a director of a “home for the holidays” drama that starts getting some Oscar buzz around it. The movie then follows that buzz around all the news outlets, the critics, and the Hollywood TV shows.

If there’s any problem with the movie, it’s that things might be getting a little formulaic. I don’t care too much about that since every scene is just a joke the characters aren’t intentionally telling. Guest is a genius in putting character quirks into normal situations and making everything hilarious. It’s literary alchemy and few directors have it.

You’re gonna like this movie, or you won’t. There’s really no middle ground. If you saw Spinal Tap and couldn’t understand what was so funny about it, you’ll hate this one. Now it’s not as good as Spinal Tap, but come on, that’s like comparing your second slice of pie to your first.

Oh and when you rent it, be sure to watch the deleted scenes. There seemed to be twenty of ’em, but they are all fantastic. Definitely worth sitting through.

Grade: B+

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