Lost in Translation – Review

I was in Tokyo last week and to prepare for the trip, a friend said I should watch Lost in Translation. He is no longer my friend.

OK, the movie ain’t that bad. In fact, didn’t it win some awards? (Googles…) Yes, it won the Oscar for best writing & screenplay and was nominated for best picture. Why? I mean, I got what Sofia Coppola was trying to do with it. I just wasn’t all that thrilled with how she got there. There were scenes of greatness, just too few to matter. In fact, other than those scenes, I’ve already forgotten everything else.

I liked Bill Murray, though. He pulled a Robin Williams and got all serious and pulled it off. There were some scenes I’m positive were ad-libbed. They proved he’s still a genius even when not chasing ghosts or gophers.

Scarlett Johansson is ok but I’m still looking for a movie that makes me fall in love with her. Lost in Translation opens with a long shot of her ass so right away, you know her role here. They couldn’t have been more blunt if they put “Bill Murray” and “Hot Piece of Ass” on the poster. Eye candy is fine, but I’m still waiting for something where she can stand out.

Most of you probably saw this years ago and I’m just now catching up. Those of you who haven’t seen it have probably done so based on the opinions of the rest of your friends who told you to skip it. I’m not gonna change anyone’s minds here, so let’s just move on.

Grade: C-

2 thoughts on “Lost in Translation – Review

  1. hated the movie.

    hated it.

    bill murray and the fact that westerners can feel desperately lonely while in asia were the only redeeming qualities.

    my grade: F (scarlett was good in Scoop though, if you are looking for a flick featuring her)


  2. I loved this movie and to prove it threw down my cold, hard cash to buy it, lost it, and bought it again.

    I wish Bill Murray would do more semi-serious roles like this one, I could even stand to see him get a little dark.

    I’m a huge Scarlett fan-boy so I won’t waist your time or mine waxing on about that.

    If you are about to embark on a trip you are looking forward to, especially to Tokyo, do not watch this movie.

    Grade: A-


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