Walk Hard – Review

Usually, spoof flicks have some movie prerequisites you need to see before you get the jokes. Otherwise, you’ll just laugh at the movie because you think you’re supposed to.

Fortunately, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story only spoofs two movies: Walk the Line and Ray. Both of those are excellent, so if you haven’t caught ’em, do so. But not back-to-back.

Let me explain.

Musical biopics follow a predictable pattern. The movie starts in childhood with some horrible tragedy. The star rises to fame. Drugs and divorce bring the star to the edge. The star finally recognizes his weaknesses and rises yet again with a final, musical equivalent of “Happily Ever After.”

When I saw the trailers for Walk Hard, I thought, “Oh, maybe they’ll make this pattern funny. Wait, Ricky Bobby’s friend is starring? Really? Oh this is gonna suck hard.”

And I was right. You’ll notice from the poster that this is a Judd Apatow movie. That means you’re in for two hours of Cox jokes. Lots and lots of Cox jokes. There was a single funny moment with The Beatles (They show up in the Drug section of the story). I won’t spoil it (as a gift to you who have to suffer through this), but it’s the one highlight.

Skip this one and if you have already seen it, I’m sorry.

Grade: D

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