Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Review

Oh man. This Indiana Jones movie had the kind of excitement usually reserved for a new Christina Aguilera album. What? They both like whips.

But as intense as that excitement was, there was some significant hesitation around one name. George Lucas. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thought a fedora-wearing Jar-jar might make a cameo.

There was also some hesitation about moving Indiana Jones into the 1950s. Indy and Nazis went together like Tom & Jerry (or Ben & Jerry, for that matter) and changing that formula was something I didn’t trust in the hands of Lucas. But with Harrison Ford looking like Henry Ford these days, Nazis just didn’t make sense.

And you know what? I liked the transition. It felt like an older Indiana Jones set in the 1950s. I’ve heard from others that they hated it. But this is my review, so we’ll ignore them.

While the Crystal Skulls are weird and I did sorta miss the Nazis, I thought the Communists made a decent replacement. I also thought the music and the technology changes suited an older Indiana Jones. Things just felt right. In other words, this isn’t Indiana Jones and the Crystal Menace.

Yet another worry I had was Shia LaBeouf. Do you like Shia? Do you? Then watch this.

There are rumors that Indy 5 will star Shia with Harrison playing the father role like Sean Connery. I can only say, “No. N-n-no. No-no!!” to that.

Grade: B+

2 thoughts on “Indiana Jones: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – Review

  1. I don’t know how people liked this movie. That Harrison Ford quote from Star Wars kept running through my head: “George (Lucas), I’m sure you can type this sh#t, but you can’t say it!” Lucas should be beaten with a dirty keyboard for putting Indy into this stupid story. For a real Indy crapfest, watch “Temple of Doom” at home before you go see KOTCS.


  2. Hehehe. True, KV. But I liked this one more than Temple of Doom (but nowhere near the other two).

    And while I liked the 1950’s theme and plot, I didn’t like how Indy did absolutely nothing in the last scene. He just kinda watched as events unfolded.


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