Predator – Review

Yeah, I know. Another classic movie I’ve never seen. The only thing I knew about Predator was that when Alien vs. Predator came out (the sequel should be arriving soon!!), the Predator fanboys freaked out. To be fair, so did the Alien fanboys, but they weren’t as loud in that Geek West Side Story rumble.

So what did I think about Predator? It’s a classic Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. How can you not love it? His screams of “Get to the chopp-aaah!!” stand equal with the best of Brando’s famous lines.

But do you know who else is in this movie? Governor Jessie Ventura. Whaddya think of that? Predator should be played at every Republican convention from now on. It’s political roots simply cannot be ignored.

Now the reason I caught this movie last weekend was because it just came out on Blu-Ray. Since film is a higher resolution than Blu-Ray, these older movies tend to look fantastic (assuming they clean up the film before mastering it). Predator is no exception. You can see individual sweat glands on Arnold’s bulging bicep. Yes, this is what high def has to offer. Drink from it as if it were offered by Jim Jones himself.

So once again, I can hold my head high. No more hiding in shame. But I will confess one last thing. I still don’t think Alien vs Predator was that bad.

Grade: A-

One thought on “Predator – Review

  1. Seriously? Never? What else are you hiding from us? Did you know they made this movie where a crazy doctor converts a Delorian into a time machine? What about the one where the cute fuzzy animal gets wet and unleashes horror on us all? 5 kids in a library on Saturday detention? Man in trenchcoat with boom-box over his head? Did you live in the 80’s?

    J/K – Love the work, keep it up.


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