Luca – Review

What’s the worst Pixar movie? “Worst” might not be the best word since Pixar has never made a “bad” movie. So a better question might be, “which was your least favorite?”

For me, Cars sat at the top of my list. Though I gained a renewed appreciation for it after becoming a parent. Villains in kids movies tend to either die at the end, or repent at the last minute. Neither scenario is easy to explain to a preschooler. Cars had no villain and was just an easy story to watch. 

Luca is Pixar’s latest, now streaming free on Disney+. It’s not a bad story by any stretch. It’s “fine.” But it’s probably sitting at the top of my Least Favorite List. 

Luca is a standard “fish out of water” story. Imagine The Little Mermaid as an Italian boy who dreams of owning a Vespa. Sadly, the cast just isn’t memorable. There are no songs to endlessly play on repeat for your preschooler. There are some great emotional scenes, but too few.  There are some themes of friendship and fatherhood, but they are too shallow.  Again, nothing is bad, it’s all just “fine.”

Online, some have been really positive about Luca. Perhaps, like Cars, it’ll be a movie I enjoy in a different season of life. 

Grade: C

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