Summer Movie Extravaganza – 2004

June 11
Garfield – His 3 jokes were lame in the 80s — still lame today.
Stepford Wives – riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight.
Chronicles of Riddick – Catching the late show at the Promenade AMC 24.

June 18
Around the World in 80 Days – yawn.
DodgeBall – might catch this — looks FUNNY!
The Terminal – Tom Hanks — can’t be all bad, right?

June 25
White Chicks – ummmmmm, no.
The Notebook – No idea.
Two Brothers – That’s that Tiger movie, kid flick.

July 2
Spiderman 2 – Oh yes, definitely seeing this one. Friday for sure, maybe Wed, too.
America’s Heart and Soul
Before Sunset
The Clearing

July 9
King Arthur – Looks promising
Anchorman – Will Farrell always gives a good laugh.
Sleepover – Teenage Chick flick — yawn

July 16
I, Robot – Will Smith in an Azimov film. Looks good
A Cinderella Story

July 23
Catwoman – Um, no. The trailers even make me gag
Bourne Supremacy – Defnintely!

July 30
Harold and Jumar Go to White Castle – ??? What? Your guess is as good as mine
The Manchurian Candidate – Oh yeah
The Village – M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie — love his work
Thunderbirds – Live action movie of that old show with the marionette’s. In other words, crap

Aug 6
Collateral – Tom Cruise new movie. Haven’t heard a thing about it yet
Little Black Book – No idea

Aug 13
Princess Diaries 2 – I think a root canal would be less painless than sitting through this drivel
Aliens Vs. Predator – Wow easily could suck, but it’s a film you just HAVE to check out. That might just be a guy thing
Yu-Gi-Oh! – How ’bout Yu-Gi-NO!!!

Aug 20
Exorcist IV – Hmmm, those still freak me out
Without a Paddle – No idea

Aug 27
Anacondas – Hmm, snake movie with Christopher Walken. Sounds terrible
Benji Returns: Rags to Riches – You have GOT to be kidding me!

So there ya have it. Lots of weekend trips to the theater for sure.

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