Paper Clips – Review

I’ve been reviewing way too many popular movies, so I needed something obscure. I can’t remember where I first heard about Paper Clips. It’s been in my queue for awhile now and I was finally in the mood to watch it this weekend (Netflix users, it’s a “Watch it Now” movie).

Paper Clips is a documentary about a small school in SE Tennessee who started a small project on the Holocaust. As they were talking about the six million Jews who were killed, one of the students asked what six million looked like. After some discussion and research, the students decided to collect paper clips. It turns out that was a very interesting choice because of its strange Norwegian origins and symbolism in Nazi Germany.

This multi-year story is simply amazing. Obviously, when a movie deals with the Holocaust, it’ll bring up all kinds of emotions. Paper Clips is no exception and covers territories I wasn’t expecting it to. The Weinsteins produced it, so the production quality and storytelling are above your average documentary. Expect scenes specifically designed to crack that cold, dead heart of yours. For those of you blessed with a soft heart, keep the tissues close….lots of ’em.

Obviously, I’m rating this pretty high, but should you see it? Absolutely, but I’d recommend that you wait until you’re in the mood. Like if you’re ever thinking to yourself, “What movie could I do a double feature with Schindler’s List?” I would recommend you lay off the black eyeliner and nail polish. For the rest of you, put this in your “See before the end of the year” list.

Grade: A

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